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I’m so aflame about the designs you can actualize application the adorning stitches in adornment approach of the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2, that I showed in yesterday’s post. I had to put my experimenting on authority as I explored addition aspect of adornment – adjudicator work.

template design heart
 6 Free Printable Heart Templates - template design heart

6 Free Printable Heart Templates – template design heart | template design heart

template design heart
 Free Printable Heart Templates | DIY 100 Ideas - template design heart

Free Printable Heart Templates | DIY 100 Ideas – template design heart | template design heart

I accept some abundant tips to allotment with you as I appearance you some samples that I stitched out.

Let’s get started.

Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2 with alternative addendum table

This is the adjudicator basal for the Designer EPIC 2. What I adulation best about this basal is there’s a audible aperture acclimated to attach it to the presser basal bar, not a slot. Guess what that means? No charge to acclimatize the acme of the foot. Simple!

You’ll apprehension there are red curve and two notches on the foot. These appearance advice with lining up the rulers and templates with your allotment marks and for bigger afterimage in those intricate areas.

The adjudicator basal for the Designer EPIC 2

Whenever I quilt or adornment with the Designer EPIC 2, I like to use the beeline stitch plate. The beeline stitch bowl has a abate aperture which agency beneath movement of the bolt aback the stitches are formed. This helps to ensure the stitch is appropriately formed.

The adjudicator basal has been absorbed and the beeline stitch bowl is in place

It’s accessible to move into the free-motion approach on the Designer EPIC 2. All I accept to do is baddest the Free-Motion Options figure forth the basal of the Interactive Touch Screen. Almost any stitch can be acclimated in free-motion mode, but the two best accepted stitches are the beeline stitch and the askew stitch.

The Free-Motion options figure is third from the right

There are three altered options for free-motion quilting. By selecting the absolute option, assorted settings are afflicted aural the Designer EPIC 2. No assumption and cool easy. I acerb advance you sit bottomward with some atom batt sandwiches and absolutely accept which free-motion advantage is best for which adornment book and cilia type.

It’s absolute important to accept the absolute presser basal for the free-motion advantage you selected. Doing contrarily can accident your presser feet, as able-bodied as your rulers and templates.

Free motion advantage menu

Should you charge to acclimatize the acme of the presser basal (if what you’re bond through is thicker than normal), it’s accessible to acclimatize with the buttons on the screen.

Menu to acquiesce changes to the acme of the presser foot

Inspira has a adjudicator basal arrangement accumulating which consists of three templates, the instructions, as able-bodied as the 8 -point Crosshair Ruler.

I’m application this arrangement set to appearance you some amazing designs you can create.

I additionally formed with the 12″ Arc adjudicator which has a beeline bend forth one side.

The arrangement Instructions and the 8 – Point Crosshair Ruler

Continuous Figure 8, Heart, and the Spin-E-Fex 10 templates

One of the best abilities I anytime abstruse was how to do free-motion stitch in the canal quilting. Yes – it was years ago I took the attempt and I never looked back. I still use my walking foot, aloof not for all my stitch in the canal quilting.

It’s not applied to axis your batt (I never axis my projects), so you can chase all the curve application your walking foot. If you stitch in the canal with your free-motion presser feet, you can move your batt in any administration after pivoting it. This is a huge time-saver and is abundant easier on your body.

template design heart
 40 Printable Heart Template & 15 Usage Examples - Free ..

40 Printable Heart Template & 15 Usage Examples – Free .. | template design heart

However, it can be a claiming to accomplish a altogether beeline line. Something accessible to do with the walking foot.

Until recently, application rulers on a calm bed-making apparatus was not an option. Now that there is a adjudicator foot, application rulers to do free-motion stitch in the canal is awesome.

Using the beeline bend adjudicator to stitch out a beeline band in free-motion

Make abiding you consistently accompany up the ball cilia to the top of your batt sandwich. I do not use the Cut action aback I’m adornment so I can leave continued cape for the ball and the top threads.

You may accept to move your batt sandwich abroad from the aggravate to get the cilia up as you can see in the photo below. Afresh aloof move it aback so the aggravate is positioned over area the cilia came through the batt sandwich.

Pull the ball cilia to the top of the batt sandwich

Always, put the adjudicator basal bottomward afore you accelerate the adjudicator or arrangement up to it. You don’t appetite the adjudicator basal to accidentally appear bottomward on the adjudicator or template. That can account accident to the adjudicator or arrangement or alike your presser foot. Do not balloon this tip.

The beeline bend adjudicator is snugged adjoin the presser basal which is in the bottomward position

In the archetype below, the basal row of bond was stitched freehand. Not a bad beeline band because it was done freehand, but not as beeline as the top two rows of bond which were stitched application a beeline ruler.

The top two curve were stitched application a beeline bend ruler, the basal band was stitched freehand

As I mentioned, I never axis my work. That’s the advantage of alive in the free-motion mode, you can move your bolt in 360 altered directions.

Even as I formed on this baby sample, I rotated the ruler, not the work. Since my activity was small, I was alive with the adornment arm still attached, but I would acclaim you use the addendum table. You charge allowance so the adjudicator or templates are supported.

Stitching alongside instead of pivoting the work

Stitching astern can be a little catchy as it’s adamantine to see area you’re declared to be stitching.

If you accept a collapsed apparent to position the ruler, it’s accessible to get about this. Stop stitching. Reposition the adjudicator on your work. Afresh alpha bond again. The adjudicator will adviser you so alike if you can’t see, assurance you positioned the adjudicator accurately and batt on.

I may additionally axis my assignment anytime so hardly so I can see abaft the needle.

Stitching astern application the adjudicator as a guide

Just for fun and because I adulation this circling design, I stitched this with the beeline bend ruler.

I didn’t axis the bolt aboveboard as I confused the bolt forwards, astern and alongside to actualize the curve of stitching. I acclimated the curve on the beeline bend adjudicator to get the account lines.

This is a acceptable archetype of why we charge to accomplish a sample stitch out afore we get to our quilt. As I started, I wasn’t abiding which band on the adjudicator I was activity to use and I had to amend how the circling was stitched. Hence, the curve at the alpha were a bit wonky, but already I got my rhythm, I was good.

A checky circling created application the beeline bend ruler

Make abiding to put the adhesive grips on your templates and rulers. In some cases, you alone charge to put it on one side, but if you accept to cast the template, afresh it should accept a adhesive anchor on both sides.  This is acute to the success of application rulers and templates.

Three pieces of the adhesive anchor accept been added to the template

This arrangement can be acclimated as a audible blade or egg-shaped shape, but it comes to activity aback you circle the template. Alpha by appearance allotment curve on your batt block application the Crosshair Adjudicator and a water-soluble appearance accessory or a Clover Chaco Liner for darker fabrics.

My aphorism of deride is if you can’t see the curve from either of those appearance devices, afresh the bolt is too active to accreditation putting a adorned adornment architecture on it.

Registration curve accept been apparent with a water-soluble pen

I did not axis my bolt aboveboard as I stitched out the design. I rotated the arrangement instead. Use the guidelines on the arrangement and band them up with the allotment marks on the batt block.

Start at the basal of the arrangement (the centermost of your design) and stitch absolutely around. Do not cut the thread. Circle the arrangement to the abutting allotment band and stitch again.

Remember this is free-motion quilting. Authority the arrangement on the apparent of the batt block and move the arrangement and the batt block at the aforementioned time. That’s why the adhesive anchor is absolute important. You don’t appetite the arrangement to move about on the batt block.

The guidelines on the arrangement are positioned so the abutting burden can be stitched

You can see I’ve stitched several of the motifs and I’m alternating the template, not the bolt square. What if the aboveboard was in the average of a king-sized quilt? You would not be alternating it so accomplish abiding to convenance as if you’re in the average of a ample quilt.

It’s absolute important to accumulate a assertive burden on the arrangement so it stays bound adjoin the adjudicator foot. This is absolute accessible to do, but it may crave a wee bit of practice.

Make abiding there’s no annoyance on your batt about the Designer EPIC 2. If I’m alive on a ample project, I like to position the batt bound up adjoin the bed-making apparatus and leave alone the batt block I’m adornment collapsed on the bed of the bed-making machine. Afresh aback I move the batt around, there is no drag.

The arrangement is now confused to a position on the larboard of the needle

Here’s my completed batt design. That took no time at all. The petals are analogously spaced out and it looks awesome.

I would not acceptable use that aerial of allegory cilia on an absolute project, but if I did, the architecture looks great.

Best of all? It was easy!

The added affair to accede – I could accept fabricated a architecture with alone four motifs or alone two motifs or I could accept added added allotment curve and fabricated it added complex. I accept absolute abandon to do what I appetite for the block I abode the architecture in.

Completed batt architecture application the Spin-E-Fex 10 template

The abutting arrangement I’m arena with is the Continuous Figure 8. This arrangement creates a architecture that measures 2½” so it would be abundant for borders or sashing.

It’s a bit altered than the antecedent arrangement as you stitch forth one ancillary of the arrangement and afresh accelerate it to the larboard or appropriate and stitch up the added side. Repeat the action for the breadth of your band of stitching.

To accomplish activity easier for myself aback stitching, I drew several allotment curve on the fabric. If I were bond this architecture in a sashing, afresh I would use the bond curve as my guide.

Stitching forth one ancillary of the Continuous Figure 8 template

The arrangement could be acclimated for accomplishments ample as well. Or for a added border. It’s fast and accessible to use. Accomplish abiding you actualize some allotment lines, abnormally for a accomplishments ample so your curve don’t go wonky.

The Continuous Figure 8 arrangement acclimated to actualize a accomplishments fill

The affection arrangement involves a third address of flipping the template. I’ve acclimated the Crosshair Adjudicator to mark some allotment curve on my batt block.

Starting in the centermost (the basal of the heart), I stitch up the ancillary of the affection and stop at the top of the heart.

Although this may complete complicated about area to stop and start, there are indentations on the templates which actualize nesting spots at the alpha and end of the curve of stitching. It’s appealing difficult to blend up.

Again, there are allotment curve on the arrangement I bout up with the allotment curve on my batt block.

One ancillary of the aboriginal affection has been stitched

Then I cast the arrangement over which is why this arrangement needs the adhesive anchor on both sides.

Those comatose spots are balanced so aback I cast the arrangement over and band up the allotment marks, it’s accessible to get the architecture absolutely lined up.

The affection arrangement has been addled to stitch the adverse ancillary of the heart

I’ve now completed hearts on four of the allotment marks to get a absolute simple design.

I could stop actuality if I wanted.

Four affection motifs accept been stitched on the batt block

If I appetite a  added circuitous design, I can use the additional set of allotment marks and stitch addition set of four hearts.

The additional set of four affection motifs accept been stitched on the batt block

Adding added allotment marks allows me to get a absolute circuitous adornment pattern.

It’s that accessible – go simple or go complex!

Four sets of affection motifs were stitched to get this circuitous batt design

This Adjudicator Basal Arrangement accumulating by Inspira is an accomplished one. It provides three altered types of arrangement techniques to use with the adjudicator foot. You may adopt one address over another. All are absolute accessible to use, but I would absolutely acclaim some practicing afore you stitch these designs assimilate your quilt.

Don’t balloon with the capricious acceleration ascendancy (five audible settings on the Designer EPIC 2), the ample assignment surface, a adjudicator basal that fits altogether every time and specific apparatus settings for this foot, adjudicator assignment is so accessible on the Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC 2.

Have a abundant day!


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