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After thirteen continued years, we assuredly accept a new chapter in the Half-Life franchise. (It’s not Half-Life 3, but let’s leave that abreast for the moment; it’s a footfall in the appropriate direction.) This prequel adventure follows acknowledging appearance Alyx Vance as she tries to survive in the brutal, absolutist City 17, some time afore a assertive crowbar-wielding physicist comes to brilliant trouble.

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Unfortunately, VR amateur accomplish me abundantly ill, and I can’t comedy the appellation myself. But we’ve angled up what added critics anticipation — and what they thought, apparently, is that Half-Life: Alyx is the VR bold we’ve all collectively been cat-and-mouse for. It’s a meaty, acceptable experience, with acute gameplay, a advantageous adventure and a different angle on one of gaming’s best admired FPS series.

If you accept a VR accessory and any affection at all for Half-Life, you’ll appetite to aces up Half-Life Alyx — at atomic according to about every bold analysis armpit out there.

Rachel Weber at GamesRadar had about annihilation but nice things to say in her 4.5/5 brilliant analysis of Half-Life: Alyx. The alone above con listed in her analysis is “VR angle hair” (and yes, that can be a absolute problem, as I’ve abstruse firsthand). Among added things, she adored the game’s story, its gunplay and its array of enemies, decidedly one hard-to-avoid monster alleged Jeff.

“More than anything, the bold is a adulation letter to Half-Life,” she wrote, “and there’s a absolute crisis the catastrophe will cook the academician of any hardcore admirers into aloof a accumulation of blessed goo.”

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Very few amateur account a absolute 10 at IGN, but Half-Life: Alyx did. Dan Stapleton advised the game, and admired about aggregate about it: the combat, the ecology puzzles, the attending and feel of City 17, the assuming of Alyx, the acknowledging cast, alike aloof the way that Alyx moves through the world. Some of the firefights could get tiresome, he observed, but above that, this seems to be the exact affectionate of bold that VR tech exists to facilitate.

“Valve has set a new bar for VR in interactivity, detail, and akin design, assuming what can arise back a world-class developer goes all-in on the new borderland of technology,” wrote Stapleton.

Nathan Grayson advised Half-Life: Alyx for Kotaku, and while he didn’t anticipate the bold was perfect, assertive aspects of the bold pulled him in and wouldn’t let go. Artlessly seeing a headcrab jump at him in abounding VR was alarming in a way that the non-VR Half-Life amateur never absolutely captured. He additionally accepted how astute the cutting controls acquainted — alike if they were imprecise, and abounding of the action sections abject on too long. Still, Half-Life: Alyx has the abeyant to be a arrangement for action-heavy VR amateur activity forward.

“Half-Life: Alyx,” he wrote, “is a bold of quiet revolutions that accomplish it added than the sum of its parts, of beat account that we anytime may not be able to brainstorm VR amateur without.”

Half-Life: Alyx was a amusement for PC Gamer’s analyst Christopher Livingston. He awarded the bold 92 out of 100 credibility in his review, claiming that he was “completely alert and afraid to stop playing.” That’s aerial praise, because how bulky VR accessory can be. He admired how absolute City 17 feels, as able-bodied as the immersive activity of captivation a gun, casting altar about with force gloves or alike aloof axis on a radio. The adventure is additionally a treat, decidedly for Half-Life admirers who accept been cat-and-mouse 13 years for article like this.

“I didn’t accept abundant agnosticism Half-Life: Alyx would be a abundant VR experience—Valve makes its own VR angle and software, afterwards all,” Livingston wrote. “But I was agnostic it could additionally be a great, able Half-Life game, and I was captivated to ascertain it absolutely is.”

Ben Kuchera at Polygon alleged Half-Life: Alyx “a VR masterpiece.” The calibration of the bold is impressive, decidedly back you get a abounding 13 -hour Half-Life experience. The adversity ambit ramps up organically, and anniversary gameplay arrangement feels analytic and absolutely realized. The action can get acutely difficult — sometimes too abundant so. But the puzzles are as analytic as always, and the accomplished acquaintance artlessly “feels” like Half-Life, he argues.

“Alyx’s dialogue, and her evolving, allegedly bedevilled mission, decidedly expands the belief of Half-Life by answering some questions, allurement new ones, and bottomward huge surprises aloof back you anticipate you accept things ample out,” Kuchera wrote.

Some of the action in Half-Life: Alyx seems difficult, and some of the puzzles assume either birdbrained or too accessible — but afresh again, that’s been accurate of every Half-Life game. The story, gameplay and ambit of Half-Life: Alyx all arise to deliver, and accord players an acquaintance that they artlessly can’t get from agnate amateur — and that’s consistently been accurate of Half-Life amateur as well.

If you accept a VR angle and any affection at all for the series, Half-Life: Alyx should be your abutting purchase. And afterwards that, should we be on the anchor for Half-Life 3? We’ve absolutely waited continued enough.

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