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WASHINGTON — Aftermost August, a handwritten balance alike in Ukraine with dollar amounts and dates abutting to the name of Paul Manafort, who was again Donald Trump’s attack chairman.

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WASHINGTON — Aftermost August, a handwritten balance alike in Ukraine with dollar amounts and dates abutting to the name of Paul Manafort, who was again Donald Trump’s attack chairman.

Ukrainian board alleged it affirmation of off-the-books payments from a pro-Russian political affair — and allotment of a beyond arrangement of bribery beneath the country’s above president. Manafort, who formed for the affair as an all-embracing political consultant, has about questioned the ledger’s authenticity.

Now, cyberbanking annal anew acquired by The Associated Press affirm that at atomic $1.2 actor in payments listed in the balance abutting to Manafort’s name were actually accustomed by his consulting close in the United States. They accommodate payments in 2007 and 2009, accouterment the aboriginal affirmation that Manafort’s close accustomed at atomic some money listed in the alleged Black Ledger.

The two payments came years afore Manafort became complex in Trump’s campaign, but for the aboriginal time bolster the believability of the ledger. They additionally put the balance in a new light, as federal prosecutors in the U.S. accept been investigating Manafort’s assignment in Eastern Europe as allotment of a beyond anti-corruption probe.

Separately, Manafort is additionally beneath analysis as allotment of aldermanic and FBI investigations into accessible contacts amid Trump assembly and Russia’s government beneath Admiral Vladimir Putin during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. The payments abundant in the balance and accepted by the abstracts acquired by the AP are different to the 2016 presidential attack and came years afore Manafort formed as Trump’s contributed attack chairman.

In a annual to the AP on Tuesday, Manafort did not abjure that his close accustomed the money but said “any wire affairs accustomed by my aggregation are accepted payments for political consulting assignment that was provided. I invoiced my audience and they paid via wire transfer, which I accustomed through a U.S. bank.”

Manafort acclaimed that he agreed to be paid according to his “clients’ adopted cyberbanking institutions and instructions.”

On Wednesday, Manafort’s agent Jason Maloni provided an added annual to the AP, adage that Manafort accustomed all of his payments via wire transfers conducted through the all-embracing cyberbanking system.

“Mr. Manafort’s assignment in Ukraine was actually accessible and appropriate, and wire transfers for all-embracing assignment are altogether legal,” Maloni said.

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He acclaimed that Manafort had never been paid in cash. Instead, he said Manafort’s absolute use of wire transfers for acquittal undermines the descriptions of the balance aftermost year accustomed by Ukrainian anti-corruption authorities and a administrator that the balance abundant banknote payments.

Previously, Manafort and Maloni accept maintained the balance was bogus and said no accessible affirmation existed that Manafort or others accustomed payments recorded in it.

The AP, however, articular in the annal two payments accustomed by Manafort that accumbent with the ledger: one for $750,000 that a Ukrainian administrator said aftermost ages was allotment of a money-laundering accomplishment that should be advised by U.S. authorities. The added was $455,249 and additionally akin a balance entry.

The anew acquired annal additionally aggrandize the all-around ambit of Manafort’s cyberbanking activities accompanying to his Ukrainian political consulting, because both payments came from companies already registered in the Central American country of Belize. Aftermost month, the AP appear that the U.S. government has advised Manafort’s cyberbanking affairs in the Mediterranean country of Cyprus as allotment of its probe.

Federal prosecutors accept been attractive into Manafort’s assignment for years as allotment of an accomplishment to balance Ukrainian assets baseborn afterwards the 2014 adjournment of Ukrainian Admiral Viktor Yanukovych, who fled to Russia. No accuse accept been filed as allotment of the investigation.

Manafort, a longtime Republican political operative, led the presidential attack from March until August aftermost year back Trump asked him to resign. The abandonment came afterwards a agitated anniversary in which The New York Times appear that Manafort’s name appeared in the Ukraine balance — although the bi-weekly said at the time that admiral were borderline whether Manafort actually accustomed the money — and afterwards the AP alone appear that he had orchestrated a buried Washington lobbying operation until 2014 on annual of Ukraine’s pro-Russian Affair of Regions.

Also Wednesday, one of the Washington lobbying firms complex in that buried campaign, the Podesta Group Inc., formally registered with the Justice Department beneath the U.S. Foreign Agents Registration Act. In accomplishing so, it accustomed that its assignment at the time could accept principally benefited the Ukrainian government. The firm, run by the brother of Hillary Clinton presidential attack administrator John Podesta, appear actuality paid added than $1.2 actor for its efforts. It cited bearding “information brought to ablaze in contempo months” and conversations with Justice Department advisers as the acumen for its decision.

Officials with the Ukrainian National Anti-Corruption Bureau, which is investigating bribery beneath Yanukovych, accept said they accept the balance is genuine. But they accept ahead acclaimed that they accept no way of alive whether Manafort accustomed the money listed abutting to his name. The agency said it is not investigating Manafort because he is not a Ukrainian citizen.

Still, Manafort’s assignment continues to draw absorption in Ukrainian politics.

Last month, Ukrainian administrator Serhiy Leshchenko appear an balance abode the card of Manafort’s namesake company, Davis Manafort, that Leshchenko said was crafted to burrow a acquittal to Manafort as a acquirement of 501 computers.

The AP provided to Manafort the amounts of the payments, dates and cardinal of the coffer annual area they were received. Manafort told the AP that he was clumsy to analysis his own cyberbanking annal assuming cancellation of the payments because his coffer destroyed the annal afterwards a accepted 7-year assimilation period. He said Tuesday the “computer sales arrangement is a fraud.”

“The signature is not mine, and I didn’t advertise computers,” he said in a statement. “What is clear, however, is individuals with political motivations are demography disparate pieces of advice and distorting their acceptation through a attack of apply and innuendo.”

Leshchenko said aftermost ages the 2009 balance was one of about 50 pages of documents, including clandestine paperwork and copies of employee-issued debit cards, that were begin in Manafort’s above Kiev appointment by a new tenant.

The bulk of the balance — $750,000— and the acquittal date of Oct. 14, 2009, matches one access on the balance advertence payments to Manafort from the Affair of Regions. The balance was addressed to Neocom Systems Ltd., a aggregation aforetime registered in Belize, and included the annual and acquisition numbers and postal abode for Manafort’s annual at a annex of Wachovia National Coffer in Alexandria, Virginia.

The AP had ahead been clumsy to apart verify the $750,000 acquittal went to a Manafort company, but the anew acquired cyberbanking annal reflect Manafort’s cancellation of that payment. The annal appearance that Davis Manafort accustomed the bulk from Neocom Systems the day afterwards the date of the invoice.

A $455,249 acquittal in November 2007 additionally matches the bulk in the ledger. It came from Graten Alliance Ltd., a aggregation that had additionally been registered in Belize. It is now inactive.

In an annual with the AP, Leshchenko arguable that Yanukovych, as Ukraine’s leader, paid Manafort money that came from his government’s annual and was “stolen from Ukrainian citizens.” He said: “Money accustomed by Manafort has to be alternate to the Ukrainian people.”

Leshchenko said U.S. authorities should investigate what he declared as base deals amid Manafort and Yanukovych. “It’s about a U.S. aborigine and money was transferred to a U.S. coffer account,” he said.

On Wednesday, Maloni accused Leshchenko of alteration his story, adage Leshchenko had ahead said the balance abundant banknote payments but now said that wire transfers abutment his allegations.

Maloni said Leshchenko’s allegations were politically motivated because Manafort already accurate an opposing political party.

“There is actually annihilation abnormal with this adjustment of acquittal and there is no base to accord any believability to the accepted Leshchenko allegations to the contrary,” Maloni said.

As the AP appear aftermost month, U.S. authorities accept been attractive into Manafort’s cyberbanking affairs in Cyprus. The annal of Manafort’s Cypriot affairs were requested by the U.S. Treasury Department Cyberbanking Crimes Enforcement Network, which works internationally with agencies to clue money bed-making and the movement of adulterous funds about the globe.

Dozens of Ukrainian political abstracts mentioned in the Black Balance are beneath analysis in Ukraine. The anti-corruption bureau, which has been attractive into the Black Ledger, about accepted the actuality of the signature of one top official mentioned there. In December, the agency accused Mykhaylo Okhendovsky of accepting added than $160,000 from Affair of Regions admiral in 2012, back he was Ukraine’s capital acclamation official.

The agency said it would analyze added suspects in the advancing months.


Associated Press writers Nataliya Vasilyeva contributed advertisement from Kiev and Moscow, and Lynn Berry from Washington.

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