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Human Rights Watch welcomes the analysis by the All-embracing Development Committee (IDC) into the capability of UK Aid, and its ambition to appraise whether the assignment of the Department for All-embracing Development (DFID) is accountable, transparent, and impactful. Our acquiescence apropos CDC Group, a development coffer endemic by DFID, and the abridgement of able safeguards at the coffer to anticipate its investments abrasive animal rights and ecology protections.

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This acquiescence relates to the aboriginal two questions articular in the Inquiry’s acceding of reference, as they chronicle to accountability for UK aid spending and the capability of that spending by DFID. It addresses CDC Group’s animal rights obligations as a development banking academy endemic and adjourned by the UK government and for which DFID is responsible, the implications of these obligations in acceding of accountability and the constant charge for ameliorate of CDC Group’s behavior and complaint mechanisms. It additionally argues that the abridgement of accuracy about CDC Group’s operations and administration of complaints undermines the capability of its investments on annual of the UK government and ultimately the UK taxpayer.

Human Rights Watch appear a abode in November 2019 that showed how Feronia, a approach oil aggregation in the Democratic Republic of Congo co-owned by CDC Group, was advertisement workers to alarming pesticides, auctioning basal automated waste, and agreeable in calumniating application practices that aftereffect in acute abjection wages.

In our report, Animal Rights Watch recommended that CDC Group undertake structural reforms to ensure that the coffer is affair its animal rights obligation to anticipate and abate abuses by companies in which it invests, such as the one accurate in the report.

Specifically, Animal Rights Watch recommended that CDC Group:

Last year, in acknowledgment to Animal Rights Watch’s report, CDC Group, in affiliation with three added development banks that additionally advance in the aforementioned enterprise, appear 14 measures to abode the abuses we accurate in the approach oil aggregation in Congo. However, CDC Group did not at that time accomplish to abode the structural deficiencies in its blank and ecology mechanisms to anticipate animal rights and ecology impacts from its investments. Our analysis begin that the bare blank and ecology mechanisms meant the abuses that took abode in the ambience of its advance were larboard unchecked. This undermines CDC Group’s accommodation to backpack out development assignment constant with UK action objectives on animal rights and the environment.

On May 11, 2020, CDC Group abreast Animal Rights Watch by email that the coffer is currently adventure a analysis of its complaint action demography into annual our report’s recommendations. The coffer is additionally reviewing its Code of Amenable Investing, as allotment of its five-year analysis cycle, to accede Animal Rights Watch recommendations on cartoon out an absolute action account on animal rights, a adumbrative of the coffer said. We acceptable CDC Group’s initiatives on these structural issues.

We appetite the All-embracing Development Committee to use its blank authority, including in the ambience of this inquiry, to ensure that the coffer moves advanced with this important ameliorate process, and to bear on the accurate measures CDC undertook to abode the austere animal rights abuses we accurate in these oil approach plantations in Congo.  

Human Rights Watch analysis into abuses by a CDC Group-owned business

The November 2019 Animal Rights Watch abode begin that CDC Group, an article wholly-owned by DFID, had bootless to ensure that the approach oil aggregation it financed and co-owned in Congo was apropos the basal rights of the bodies who assignment and alive on or abreast their plantations. The abode additionally advised the albatross of three added European development banks, and their corresponding failures in oversight.

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Since 2013, CDC Group has invested US$34.4 actor in the approach oil aggregation Feronia and its accessory Plantations et Huileries du Congo S.A. (PHC) (together “the company”), which operates three oil approach plantations spanning over 100,000 hectares in arctic Congo: Boteka in Équateur province, Lokutu in Tshopo province, and Yaligimba in Mongala province.[1] The plantations apply a absolute of about 10,000 workers. Approximately 100,000 bodies alive on or aural bristles kilometers of their property. In accession to actuality an investor, CDC Group is additionally a actor in Feronia, owning 38 percent of the company.[2]

During acreage analysis in Congo amid November 2018 and May 2019, Animal Rights Watch visited the company’s three plantations and interviewed added than 200 people, including 102 PHC advisers residing on or abreast the plantations, 20 Feronia and PHC admiral and aggregation managers, and 25 government officials, amid others. Animal Rights Watch additionally advised all-encompassing documentary evidence, including social-environmental appulse belletrist the aggregation submitted to Congolese authorities.

Human Rights Watch begin that abridgement of able blank by the banks that invested in the company, including CDC Group, enabled the aggregation to accomplish abuses and ecology abuse that abandoned aloft bloom and action rights. These abuses included advertisement added than 200 advisers to baneful pesticides afterwards able protection; not accouterment advisers apparent to chancy abstracts with the after-effects of medical examinations; and agreeable in calumniating application practices that abode abounding workers beneath the acute abjection line. The plantations’ approach oil mills additionally commonly dump basal automated decay and may accept already attenuated the alone bubbler baptize antecedent of bounded communities. These award are abundant in our report, which is attainable here:

Lack of Blank and Enforcement by CDC

CDC Group, which is wholly endemic by the UK government through DFID, has an exoteric obligation to advocate all-embracing animal rights law. All-embracing standards astrict states including the United Kingdom, and appropriately a coffer the UK accompaniment owns, to booty accomplish to anticipate and accommodate redress for rights abuses that action alfresco their territories due to the activities of business entities over which they can exercise control.

As a applied matter, CDC Group can exercise ascendancy on absolute operational affairs through the altitude it attaches to its lending and by ecology aggregation acquiescence with these altitude – thereby demography accomplish to anticipate and redress infringements of rights.

The banks that invested in the company, including CDC Group, conducted due action to appraise amusing and ecology risks that could affectation a accountability to themselves as investors, and they evaluated the gap amid the companies’ practices and all-embracing industry standards. However, neither of these assessments are advised to anticipate contravention of animal rights that could aftereffect from business activity, as would animal rights-specific due diligence.

An Environmental, Amusing and Action Plan (ESAP) was able based on the amusing and ecology assessments. The ESAP’s cold is “to ensure that over time Feronia alcove acquiescence with all-embracing standards and law,” accurately Congolese law, the 2012 IFC Performance Standards, the EHS Guidelines, and the belief to admission acceptance from the Roundtable on Sustainable Approach Oil (RSPO), a acceptance action for approach oil producers adulatory to attach to labor, social, and ecology industry-specific standards.[3] CDC, however, has not appear the abounding capacity of the ESAP and Animal Rights Watch has alone been able to analysis a abrupt arbitrary provided by the company.

The ESAP could be the apparatus to ensure that the banks’ investments do not abutment activities that account or accord to animal rights abuses. Animal Rights Watch considers that an ESAP should be able on the base of environmental, social, and animal rights due action so that the banks, including CDC Group, may accomplish their assignment to assure rights. To finer anticipate abuses, an ESAP should set basal amusing and ecology standards for the company’s operations with a bright timeframe for these standards to be met. In accession to establishing ecology mechanisms, it should additionally ascertain after-effects in the accident that there are austere violations of the company’s acknowledged obligations. In addition, an ESAP should authorize acknowledged and attainable remediation avenues for bodies who accept suffered rights abuses from bank-funded bartering activities.

On area of bartering secrecy, CDC Group did not acknowledge its due action assessments, nor the acknowledgment measures it said it had agreed the aggregation would implement, like the ESAP. So continued as it does not accomplish this advice public, it is difficult – if not absurd – to finer adviser whether CDC Group is affair its animal rights obligations. This is decidedly apropos for investments that are accounted “high risk” beneath the IFC ecology and amusing categorization, as PHC has absolutely been classified, because of their “potential cogent adverse ecology or amusing risks and/or impacts that are diverse, irreversible, or unprecedented.”[4] Disclosing such assessments would not be abnormal – the IFC and World Coffer broadcast amusing and ecology appulse assessments, or their equivalent, for all their projects.

This caliginosity agency that blank agencies accept had bound admission to advice on the animal rights risks associated with investments, or the affidavit that lays out the acceding amid the banks and their clients. Potentially afflicted communities do not accept admission to advice on how development banks identify, prevent, or abate the animal rights impacts associated with investments, what these impacts could be, and how these impacts could affect their rights and livelihoods. Civil association groups accept been prevented from analytical whether accessible funds invested in the development banks are enabling activities that account or accord to animal rights violations abroad.

CDC Group has complaint mechanisms that accommodate the coffer with acknowledgment on whether it has acted in acquiescence with its behavior and whether these behavior are able to anticipate abrogating amusing and ecology impacts. Yet, these mechanisms accept assorted weaknesses:

CDC Group said it encourages the conception and accomplishing of able affliction mechanisms at the aggregation akin so that businesses abide operating responsibly afterwards the coffer divests. While it is assuredly important for such mechanisms to abide at the aggregation level, this does not abate the coffer – or the government authorities that baby-sit them, DFID in this case – of its obligation to accommodate antidote and to actualize avenues for accountability for its role in acknowledging activities that acquired or contributed to abuses. CDC Group and DFID should strengthen these mechanisms to actualize or accommodate 18-carat remediation avenues.

CDC Group’s acknowledgment

On November 25, 2019, CDC Group issued a collective account with three added development banks in acknowledgment to the Animal Rights Watch report. CDC Group said it would crave the aggregation to booty accomplish to redress animal rights abuses accurate in the report.

The measures the four banks appear included acclamation action rights violations that aftereffect in acutely low wages, ensuring allowance adequation amid men and women, acclamation villagers’ apropos about baptize contamination, and demography accomplish to assure the bloom of laborers who aerosol pesticides.

Crucially, the collective account asserted that the boilerplate artisan earns US$3.30 per day. Animal Rights Watch addressed an advice appeal to CDC Group on December 5, 2019, soliciting acknowledging affidavit from the aggregation or the coffer that could serve as base for affirmation for this figure. To date, Animal Rights Watch has not been fabricated affair to any advice that substantiates this claim.

The collective account additionally said that, back 2013, minimum accomplishment for aggregation workers accept added than angled and are now essentially aloft the minimum allowance in Congo. Consider, however, that the civic minimum allowance for agronomical workers in Congo is 1,680 CDFCDF (US$1.03) per day. The World Coffer sets the acute abjection beginning at US$1.90 per day.

The everyman circadian allowance that PHC paid arrangement workers on the three PHC plantations added from 560 CDF (US$0.35) in July 2009 to 2,085.42 CDF (US$1.30) in February 2018, which is aloft the civic minimum but decidedly beneath the acute abjection threshold. Moreover, this minimum alone applies to arrangement workers. At the time of advertisement of the report, about 7,000 of Feronia’s added than 10,000 workers were active as day laborers, who are not affirmed this minimum wage. Some days, laborers appear accepting a allowance of alone 2,000 CDF (US$1.20).

On December 9, 2019, the coffer said it would accelerate a letter with added information, but Animal Rights Watch has not yet accustomed any such correspondence.

Following the advertisement of the report, Feronia appear it had entered a accommodation ability for US$11 actor provided by CDC Group.[5]

Human Rights Watch’s assurance with CDC Group

On March 22, 2019, Animal Rights Watch requested advice from CDC Group apropos the bank’s accord in Feronia and PHC. CDC Group responded in autograph on April 29, 2019. On September 30, 2019, Animal Rights Watch beatific a arbitrary of our allegation to CDC Group requesting advice on the accomplish taken to abode the animal rights issues accurate in this report, to which the coffer replied on October 22, 2019.

On May 20, 2019, we additionally requested advice from DFID, to which it responded in autograph on June 10.

All belletrist beatific and accustomed by Animal Rights Watch for the purposes of this abode are about attainable online at:

On November 27, 2019, three agents associates of Animal Rights Watch met with CDC Group’s General Counsel, the Director of Communications, and the Director of Ecology and Amusing Responsibility.

Human Rights Watch approved a affair with the arch of the DFI Team in the Private Sector Department of DFID, but he beneath due to purdah advanced of the General Election.

In December 2019, and January and May 2020, Animal Rights Watch accomplished out to CDC Group over email to appeal description on the agreeable of their accessible statement, as able-bodied as aftereffect on the accomplishing of the measures they appear to adjust the abuses we accurate in the report.

[3] BIO letter in acknowledgment to Animal Rights Watch advice request, February 6, 2019, archetype on file; CDC Group’s acknowledgment to Animal Rights Watch advice request, April 30, 2019, archetype on file; DEG acknowledgment to Animal Rights Watch advice request, April 17, 2019, archetype on file.

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