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The contempo advertisement of two works by the Blueblood de Sade enables us to see that atrocity is not aloof “the actuation to atrocious and agitated analysis of the adverse sex, and the appearance of the abstraction of such acts with amative feelings,” as Richard von Krafft-Ebing authentic it in his 1886 Psychopathia Sexualis. Sadism, as it is depicted by Sade, is also, and conceivably primarily, the conception of a apple in which the able and affluent are able to allurement the poor and powerless, authority them captive, and abate their bodies and selfhoods to nothing.

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In this, as some clear-sighted post–World War II writers acquire noted, Sade’s autograph was, inter alia, a augury of fascism. Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer, for example, wrote that Sade “prefigures the organization, bare of any abundant goals, which was to beset the accomplished of life” beneath the absolutism that accumulating them from Germany. Annual Sade in the age of #MeToo and Jeffrey Epstein is an astonishing experience, for his novels are additionally a adapt for the apple of the animal predators of today.

This winter brings the aboriginal complete English adaptation of Sade’s all-inclusive epistolary novel, Aline and Valcour, in a lavish, three-volume copy from Contra Mundum. The translation, by Jocelyne Geneviève Barque and John Galbraith Simmons, is a adept one, acceptance Sade’s book to flow, neither bold the accent and rhythms of the eighteenth aeon nor interpolating anachronisms from English today. It is, by all appearances, the assignment of two bodies who acquire advised the autograph of Sade acutely and adore it.  

Originally arise in 1795, Aline and Valcour was, according to its appellation page, “Écrit à la Bastille un an avant la Révolution de France”—“Written in the Bastille,” area Sade had been captivated back 1784, “one year afore the French Revolution.” The atypical stands out from about every added atypical in Sade’s bulk in that it is not a assignment of pornography, admitting it does not abridgement for libertines and blue events. It’s a grab-bag of a book, abounding with tales aural tales that booty the clairvoyant to Africa, Portugal, and Spain. Not abandoned is it not pornographic, but it is additionally a atypical in which abounding of the annual bidding run adverse to those that were axial to Sade’s thought.

Sade explains this in a footnote, autograph that Aline and Valcour “offers in anniversary letter the correspondent’s own way of cerebration or that of the bodies complex and to whom he offers his ideas.” If, clashing the blow of Sade’s work, this atypical is not abandoned in his voice, it is because, as the translators explain in their introduction, the columnist advised to present the ambit of angle captivated by Enlightenment thinkers, whether he aggregate them or not. The aftereffect is a book in which adoration and motherhood, both of which Sade mocked and detested, are praised, and area nature, which Sade beheld as an amoral force that served to explain and absolve his characters’ evil, is presented as beneficent.

The aboriginal French concordance to accommodate the chat “sadism,” in the mid-nineteenth century, authentic it as “a aberrant and anti-social arrangement abhorrent to nature.” That achievement so, annihilation could be added from Sade than this atypical by Sade.

The 120 Canicule of Sodom, a new adaptation of which was arise as a Penguin Archetypal in 2016, is addition amount entirely. The arrangement of this, the best belled of Sade’s books, was anticipation absent back Sade was transferred from the Bastille to Charenton a few canicule afore the bastille was stormed on July 14, 1789, and didn’t acquire its aboriginal French advertisement until 1904. The challenges that its translators, Will McMorran and Thomas Wynn, faced were far altered from those of Barque and Simmons, for McMorran and Wynn’s assignment was to construe a book that summarizes the Sadeian worldview in all its fury, in all its madness.

It is a assignment of barbarous chicanery interspersed with casual bursts of Sade’s philosophy, a mélange of borrowings from Montaigne’s cultural relativism, Jean Meslier’s atheism, La Mettrie’s materialism, and d’Holbach’s agnostic atheism. These abstract outbursts are brindled amid endless pages of coprophagy, flatulence, and airsickness (all for amative purposes); of sodomy and misogyny. Both the agreeable and the worldview bidding in The 120 Canicule of Sodom accomplish it as abutting to a repellently cacographic book as has anytime been written.

This new adaptation additionally happens to be a clumsy one, abounding of odd and poor choices, the affliction of which is a character’s exclaiming, “Golly, sweetheart.” But the infelicities of the adaptation are of about accessory concern. The 120 Canicule of Sodom best acutely poses the botheration of Sade’s survival. How has this anatomy of assignment connected to be read, let abandoned enjoyed the cachet of a classic?

Sade, admitting admired by Flaubert, amid others, was, in fact, a amount of little arcane aftereffect until the aboriginal twentieth century, back Guillaume Apollinaire rescued him from oblivion, by publishing in 1910 a accumulating of his novels. Apollinaire accepted himself a diviner back he wrote in the addition to his copy that “this man, who seemed to calculation for annihilation for the complete nineteenth century, could absolute able-bodied boss the twentieth.”

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In the aeon afterwards Sade’s revival, a abominable cardinal of intellectuals fell beneath his spell, explicated him, and dedicated him. Their focus was about consistently on the aesthetics of Sade, on the “transvaluation of values” he performed that would acquire fabricated Nietzsche blanch. Sade the stylist hardly abstracts in the commentaries accounting by his admirers; indeed, it would be adamantine to accomplish abundant of a case for autograph that is verbose, repetitive, and, for all its animal explicitness, impoverished. Added to these faults is the arduous balloon of his books: La Nouvelle Justine is 720 pages in the complete Pleiade edition; L’Histoire de Juliette, 1081 pages; and the new adaptation of Aline and Valcour, 819 pages.  

Nevertheless, Apollinaire set the bookish arrangement for those who would follow, claiming that “above all, [Sade] admired freedom. Everything—his actions, his abstract system—testified to his amorous aftertaste for the abandon he was so generally beggared of.” Roland Barthes in 1971 upped the stakes in his Sade/Fourier/Loyola, calling Sade “the best autonomous of writers”—a acknowledgment that bootless to booty annual of how, in his declared “love of freedom,” Sade placed astringent banned on the liberties of others, both in his books and in his life. “If one of you should ache the accident of accedence to the carelessness of our passions,” wrote the abundant “libertarian” in The 120 Canicule of Sodom, “let her bravely acquire her fate—we are not in this apple to alive forever, and the best affair that can arise to a woman is to die young.”

Like a bouncer in a absorption camp, the Sadeian hero is accustomed complete abandon to do whatever he brand to his victims, who are in best cases kidnapped or purchased and bedfast in castles or accommodation from which no escape is possible. In one of abounding instances that arise to adumbrate the fate of those bedfast in the Nazis’ camps, Sade wrote, in The 120 Canicule of Sodom, “Here you are far from France in the base of an uninhabitable forest, aloft abrupt mountains, the passes through which were cut off as anon as you had traversed them; you are trapped aural an bulletproof citadel.” Alike added directly, in a access from Juliette quoted by Adorno and Horkheimer in their Dialectic of Enlightenment—where they wrote that we acquisition in Sade “a common achievement rationalized alike in its breath spaces”—Sade wrote: “The government itself charge ascendancy the population. It charge acquire the agency to abate the people, should it abhorrence them… and annihilation should counterbalance in the antithesis of its amends except its own interests or passions.”

Apollinaire was aboriginal followed by the Surrealists. In 1926, Paul Éluard accepted Sade in the movement’s organ, La Révolution Surrealiste, autograph that “for accepting capital to animate affable man with the ability of his archaic instincts, for accepting capital to chargeless the adventurous imagination, and for accepting badly fought for complete amends and equality, the Blueblood de Sade was bedfast about his complete activity in the Bastille, Vincennes and Charenton.” André Breton went alike further, adage in a 1928 altercation of female that, “By analogue aggregate is accustomed a man like the Blueblood de Sade, for whom the abandon of chastity was a amount of activity and death.” We get an abstraction of Sade’s angle of “absolute amends and equality” in The 120 Canicule of Sodom, area he wrote: “Wherever men shall be according and area differences shall cease to exist, beatitude too shall cease to exist.”

Some of this amore on the allotment of the Surrealists for the “divine marquis” can be accounting off as provocation, the beat admiration to épater le bourgeois. But Sade’s novels seemed to them a adviser in their chase for a new approach of achievement that able all and any limits. It was absolutely the admeasurement that Sade abandoned all taboos, amusing and sexual, that fabricated him a affiliate of their pantheon. But in adorning Sade, the Surrealists had no best but to apprehend him selectively, to elide the alarm that this declared belief of claimed liberation imposes on others. The abandon of the one existed at the amount of the abuse of anybody else, of their reduction, in fact, to bald orifices.


Then, in the after-effects of Apple War II, there was an amazing access of analyses of Sade. Pierre Klossowski, in his 1947 Sade, mon prochain, claimed that Sade was a man acutely afflicted by Christian mystics. In a 1951 commodity in Les Temps modernes, Simone de Beauvoir abundantly asked: “Must We Bake Sade?” Answering in the negative, Beauvoir was not bashful in pointing out the flaws and contradictions of Sadeian thought. Warning adjoin a “too accessible sympathy” for him, she wrote, “it is my dejection he wants; my chains and my death.” Still, she assured by enlisting him in the Existentialist cause, adage that: “He armament us to put in catechism the capital botheration that haunts this time in added forms: the accurate accord amid man and man.”

Georges Bataille, however, beheld the amount absolute abnormally in his 1957 L’Érotisme. For Bataille, Sade’s affair is the abreast of the subject. The female bidding in his books excludes the achievability of any complete contact, and the bodies with which he and his characters appoint “cannot be partners, but victims.” Alike more, his abstract portrays the angel of “a man for whom others cease to exist.”

Roland Barthes provided an acknowledgment to the catechism of whether Sade charge be austere by apartment abaft “discourse.” The “sole Sadeian universe” is that of “the cosmos of discourse.” Any breach taken at the acts in Sade’s novels is bottomless because it fails to booty annual of the “irrealism” of his books. “[W]hat happens in a atypical by Sade is carefully fabulous, i.e., impossible.” To adjudge Sade’s books is to abatement into the allurement of “a assertive arrangement of literature, and this arrangement is that of realism.”

But the angle that Sade was a purveyor of “irrealism,” that his activity had annihilation to do with his novels, does not angle up to scrutiny. The aberration amid the crimes he committed in activity and those he depicted in his novels is one of amount and not of kind. In 1768, in the Parisian suburb of Arcueil, Sade induced a beggar, Rose Keller, to accompany him home, able her a job as a housekeeper. Back they accustomed at their destination, Sade threw Keller assimilate a bed, angry her to it, aerated her until she bled, broken her bark with a penknife, and dripped hot wax on her. Admitting she filed a complaint and he was briefly imprisoned, ancestors access resulted in his release.

Four years later, in Marseilles, Sade beatific his aide to recruit what a biographer alleged some “very young” girls for a debauch. In the end, seven bodies would participate in the event, the adolescent women aerated and at atomic one of them sodomized, and the victims benumbed with Spanish fly. This abducting of adolescent girls with whom he would acquire sex, and his locking of victims in castles so they could not escape his desires, occurs in all of Sade’s novels, axis them, on the contrary, into realist, alike autobiographical, fiction.

Imprisoned for the Marseilles escapade, Sade would escape, and aural three years he begin himself complex in yet addition animal scandal. He was assuredly bedfast in 1777 beneath a lettre de cachet, a aristocratic adjustment for arrest afterwards trial, acquired by his mother-in-law to assure ancestors annual adjoin any added bent animal exploits. Sade would abide bedfast until the Revolution abolished the lettre de cachet in 1790. Arrested afresh in 1801, beneath Napoleon, and captivated at Sainte-Pélagie prison, Sade was transferred to the cover at Charenton in 1803 afterwards attempting to abduct adolescent inmates at Sainte-Pélagie. It was in Charenton that he organized the affected productions immortalized by Peter Weiss in his 1963 comedy Marat/Sade, and area Sade would die in 1814. While in the asylum, at age seventy-four, in what a biographer alleged “his atomic august phase,” he consistently sodomized (for acquittal and with her mother’s consent) a adolescent woman of sixteen, Madeleine Leclerc, acquainted the abundance of his acts in a journal.

Not all postwar intellectuals fell beneath the amplitude of the all-powerful blueblood or saw him as artlessly a philosopher who lived his annual in a added acute way than others. Some saw the absolutism abeyant in his novels—and said so explicitly, as Raymond Queneau did in 1945: “all who accepted the marquis’s abstraction to one amount or addition charge now envision, afterwards hypocrisy, the absoluteness of the afterlife camps, with their horrors no best bedfast aural a man’s arch but accomplished by bags of fanatics.” Camus acclaimed in The Rebel, arise in 1951,  that the “ideal society” complete by Sade “exalted complete societies in the name of liberty.” And it was the accurate agitator Pier Paolo Pasolini who presented the access amid Sade and absolutism best starkly of all in his final film, the 1975 Salò or The 120 Canicule of Sodom); there the book’s brutalities are allowable beneath the banderole of Mussolini’s Amusing Republic.

Sade’s allure for some has about persisted—as the best acute archetype of counter-Enlightenment thought, the articulation of the abolishment of reason. It was, afterwards all, the absolute abstention of acumen that was fabricated so starkly and horrifyingly apparent in the two apple wars and the aeon between. Sade’s complete affair with the ascendancy of the individual, on an complete abandon from any constraint, connected to allurement a assertive chic of intellectuals in a aeon of accumulation politics. In Weiss’s Marat/Sade, the two absolute abstracts actualize the best abolitionist expressions of these angled forms of rebellion: the political and the individual. As Beauvoir wrote of him, “Sade declared there could abide no added alley than that of alone rebellion.”

This was his weakness, but it was additionally a antecedent of his constant appeal. And so, Sade survived. But can his bulk survive our own time? And should it?


It is absurd not to anticipate of Jeffrey Epstein and his accomplices back annual Sade. In The 120 Canicule of Sodom, the age of the girls delivered to the libertines “was anchored amid twelve and fifteen and annihilation aloft or beneath was atrociously rejected.” And in Aline and Valcour, two libertines “keep a seraglio of twelve adolescent girls… of whom the oldest is not yet fifteen, and is replaced at the amount of one a month.”

Epstein’s even was agilely and familiarly accepted as the Lolita Express; in one appear incident, a twenty-three-year-old woman brought to him was alone as too old. Like Sade, Epstein had hirelings to annex his victims. The financier’s procuresses lived well, as did those in Sade’s work, who in 120 Canicule accustomed “thirty thousand francs—all costs paid—for anniversary accountable begin to their affection (it is amazing how abundant all this cost).”

The libertines in Sade, to adduce Barthes, additionally “belong to the aristocracy, or added absolutely (and added frequently) to the chic of financiers, professionals, and prevaricators.” And like the victims of Epstein, those victimized and assaulted by Sade’s characters in his fiction, as by Sade himself in complete life, “belong to the automated and burghal sub-proletariat.” The ability cogwheel that plays such an important allotment in the abreast scandals is limned in the adventures and autograph of Sade. It was Camus who summed up the Sadeian cosmos as one of “power and hatred,” a appellation aloof as appropriately applicative to Epstein’s world.

Epstein’s Caribbean island, to which adolescent women were flown, his ranch, and his townhouse are a abreast adaptation of the castles in which Sade’s fabulous and absolute victims were assaulted. Aloof as in the case of Sade, area the will of the victims was ignored, their lives bargain to abject the libertines’ orders, Epstein’s girls were at times referred to as his acquaintance Ghislaine Maxwell’s “slave[s].” As the victims in the pages of Sade hear: “no one knows you are here… you’re already asleep to the apple and it is abandoned for our pleasures that you are breath now.”

According to cloister documents, Epstein “required altered girls to be appointed every day of the week,” aloof as 120 Canicule annal the cartoon up of a calendar to detail which victim will accomplish which act on which day. Epstein’s dieting recalls Sade’s appearance in Les Infortunes de la advantage who explains that “I accomplish use of women from need, the aforementioned way one makes use of a alcove pot for a altered need.”

Epstein agitated on with basic dispensation until the final reckoning, like the abandoned in Sade’s 120 Canicule who would “commit excesses that would acquire beatific his arch to the arch a thousand times were it not for his access and his gold, which adored him from this fate a thousand times.” Sade’s books are a guidebook to, and apocalypse of, the Epstein case.

In one important way, though, this looking-glass is reversible: it is Epstein who illuminates Sade and allows us to apprehend the French blueblood with a altered eye. Sade lived his drives, and back imprisoned, he angry them into literature. That abstract is still apprehend and is still the accountable of austere study. Some contempo books, for example, acquire beheld Sade through the lens of anomalous theory, analytical his eyes of sex and death, already afresh agreement him aural the framework of Enlightenment thought.

But we ability accurately ask: Had Jeffrey Epstein lived and become a writer, would his arcane achievement acquire alert us?

There is no adumbration that Epstein anytime committed to cardboard his annual and fantasies, as Sade did so obsessively. Sade, afterwards all, beheld himself not aloof as a libertine, but as a philosopher of libertinism (one of his works was blue-blooded Aesthetics in the Boudoir). His flights of adorned served to abate the privations of his confinement, perhaps, but they were additionally the base for an encompassing worldview like few others.

Unlike Sade, Epstein did not drag his tastes into a principle. And that Epstein larboard no annual suggests a alertness of the acknowledged accident any such almanac would create. But if Epstein had done so, would anyone acquire dared address of him, as Breton did of Sade, that he was addition “for whom the abandon of chastity was a amount of activity and death”? For both men, the abandon of chastity was, in actuality, a abandon from morality, a authorization to administer affliction on others.

There are two nouns Sade uses heavily in his novels that sum up the Sadeian universe: victime and scélérat, victim and villain. This is the abandoned moral analysis of any acceptation in his works—and it altogether summarizes the worlds of both Sade and Epstein. “Laws are absent and abandoned as apropos scoundrels,” wrote Sade, “for they do not ability he who is powerful, and he who is blessed is not accountable to them.” Both men acted and lived in accordance with that dictum.

If Beauvoir was appropriate and Sade armament us to catechism “the accurate accord amid man and man,” again Epstein’s predations present us with an 18-carat eyes of absolutely how money and ability aberration those relations. To change that requires an absolute bounce of Sade’s abstract system, as succinctly bidding in a band from Justine: “My acquaintance is annihilation to me; there is not the atomic little accord amid him and me.”

We charge not bake Sade, but neither should we acclaim him. His spirit still wanders amid us, and we charge use him to see why we acquire our Epsteins.

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